Analyst David Vomund, consistently ranked one of the top market timers in the country, is publisher of VIS Alert, a weekly advisory covering overall market movement, industry group rotation, and individual stock selections.

Vomund considers market timing and group rotation to be important factors for successful stock selection. He explains:

"Most people focus their analysis solely on individual stocks. They are missing the boat by ignoring the influence of the overall market and the effect of the stockís industry group. Even if a stock has outstanding fundamentals, if the overall market is unfavorable and its industry group is underperforming, that stock will likely move lower. In VIS Alert, we focus on all factors that influence stock price movement."

Proven Market Timing

TradingExpert, the AIQ Systems award-winning Expert System software product, plays an integral part in Vomundís market timing. To determine market direction, Vomund uses unique indicators specific to the AIQ software and looks at the number of stocks giving AIQ buy and sell signals. He combines these factors along with support and resistance levels to form a market outlook.

A barometer which displays Vomundís current market timing outlook along with an explanation of the technical conditions supporting his opinion appears in every issue of VIS Alert. Vomund indicates whether large company stocks or small company stocks are more attractive and gives support and resistance levels for both the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq Composite.

Effective Group Rotation

Each issue of VIS Alert includes a report that ranks industry groups based on the strength or weakness of each groupís price and volume indicators.

Those groups showing the strongest accumulation appear in the bullish section. Groups showing distribution fall to the bearish section of the ranking. Since the indicators lead price action, a strong performing group often falls in the ranking before a top is established.

Vomund has created a group structure that is large enough to capture most areas of the economy but small enough to easily identify the rotation of the groups. Many of the groups correspond to Rydex sector funds. The most attractive and least attractive groups are listed in every issue of VIS Alert.

Reliable Stock Selection

In his twelve years as Chief Analyst at AIQ Systems, David Vomund has tested literally hundreds of trading systems and indicator strategies. The most effective systems are applied to the security selections found in VIS Alert.

Bullish Spotlight - Vomund incorporates market timing factors, industry group rotation, and individual stock information to highlight a timely investment. While some selections are designed for short-term trades, the majority of selections are for investors who hold securities for several months. This serves as a great learning tool for AIQ Users or those who do their own technical analysis.

Bearish Spotlight - Using the same format at Bullish Spotlight, this section shows a market index or a stock that has a bearish technical picture. The reasons behind the selection along with a supporting graph are shown. For both the bullish and bearish selections, the Money Flow indicator plays an important role in the analysis.

Style Index Portfolio - An automated model portfolio is tracked which trades Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that track market indexes. ETFs are index funds that trade just like stocks. They track market indexes such a Small-Cap Growth, Small-Cap Value, Large-Cap Growth, Large-Cap Value, etc. This portfolio holds two securities and rotates to the segment of the market with the best performance. This is a strategy that most people can be comfortable with because it allows them to participate in the market without the risk of holding individual stocks.

"Have found VIS Alert to be a very timely, clear, concise, easy to understand market letter filled with sound reasoning. Truly a comforting guidance on market direction and stock selection that saves me a lot of time and concern. It has been very rewarding and has paid for itself many times over."

Lee Coffman
Individual Investor,


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